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Bakeries produce and consume great quantities of product. A Touchscreen based Bakery Point of Sale System can effectively serve a large number of customers and eliminate redundant data entry while keeping track of total sales, employee hours worked, best selling products and more.

With our Bakery Point of Sale Software it is possible to track a product's history and discover which days and times a particular product sells the best, allowing you to predict how much to bake and plan your inventory purchases and schedule. For example: You could easily look at historical tracking data for bread sold in the past 3 months to show that the highest number of sales are generally on Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Imagine having increased sales and less stale by optimizing your product stock levels!

With our Bakery POS Systems it is even possible to account the for retail price of bread thrown or given away for tax purposes!

Our Bakery POS Systems Offers Features For:


  • Employee wage tracking and time clock
  • Shift reports
  • Hour and wage reports


  • Accounting integration with Quickbooks & Microsoft Access


  • Automated purchase orders
  • Dozens of inventory reports including:
    • Top Sellers
    • Detailed Department Sales
    • Sales History
    • Hours and Wages


  • Quick Checkouts
    • Touchscreen and Barcode Scanner enabled
  • Customer loyalty plans:
    • Frequency Discount
    • Reward Points
    • Vouchers or Coupons
    • Gift Cards

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