Tell Me a Little About Yourself

Dan serves as POS Nation’s Technical Support Manager and is charged with addressing our customer’s most complex technical issues. With 22 years in the North Carolina Air National Guard as a Weather Officer and C-130 Instructor Navigator, including over seven years as a Department of Defense IT contractor, there’s not much Dan hasn’t seen in the IT world.

Think you have a technical issue that will rattle Dan? Think again – for his last job, Dan fixed computers in active combat zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not to mention that he has also traveled to over 45 countries while planning and executing over 140 combat airland and airdrop missions.

With his Air National Guard duties behind him, Dan’s personal interests center around family, faith, sports, and BBQ. Dan holds a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from UNC-Asheville.

Likes: Jesus, Computers, Roller Coasters and Sundrop

Dan Cloninger

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