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Powered by Mercury Payment Systems will:


POS Nation strives to offer the best available resources to build your business and make your bottom line profitable. In addition to building a POS system, choosing the right company to process your business' payments is important. Whether your business is a restaurant, grocery store, retail, or a salon, credit card integration with your POS system will make a dramatic impact.

POS Nation recommends Mercury Payment Systems® for fast and secure credit, debit, check and gift card processing. Mercury has a proven track record of providing reliable, value-added services to merchants. MercuryPay® processing technology is built into POS Nation's point-of-sale systems for free, saving you up to $1,500 upfront!

Mercury® is a recognized industry leader in payment processing, integrated POS system offerings, and card data security, providing all the features merchants need for everyday processing. Mercury promises customer satisfaction. We believe them, and that's why we recommend them for your business.


Reliability: continuous processing solutions

One of the things we love the most about Mercury's unique service, MercuryStand-In™, is its ability to keep merchants processing even when there are outages in the payment authorization network.

Imagine payment processing screeching to a halt just when sales traffic is at its peak. Checkout lines get longer. Customers get angry. Staff get frustrated. Problems escalate.

Not when our POS systems are powered by Mercury. If a processing outage occurs, they turn on their "stand in" authorization service. They "stand in" - so business continues as usual. While standing in, most transactions up to the floor limit get approved.


Support: free, live, 24/7

At POS Nation we know that technical support is extremely important. We believe that companies should stand behind their products and services. So it becomes imperative for us to partner with companies who also have this core business philosophy. With Mercury, we know that our customers will receive the excellent support they deserve and are already accustomed to with POS Nation.

Direct interface. Direct support. Mercury Payment Systems provides free expert support around the clock.

Direct Support

When issues occur, fast resolution can save the business day. MercuryLive™, their 24/7 customer and technical support service, is free and you'll speak with a real, U.S.-based person. Their friendly experts take calls and answer emails regardless of the day or hour. They accommodate businesses that are open late at night, on weekends, or holidays to support seamless operations. So forget about bankers' hours. Call them any time.

Customer Service

Customer service is a promise they keep. Their frontline customer service team quickly handles funding and processing requests, general service-related questions, and call routing. They proactively monitor their team's calls and performance to identify and implement new processes to improve customer service.

Technical Support

When merchants have technical problems, they help. They know POS technology so can solve technical issues quickly. Their expert technical support team handles difficult funding requests, bulk processing requests, and all POS technical support issues.


Savings: unlimited, FREE gift card transactions

Gift cards are consumers' #1 gift choice all year, and MercuryGift® helps merchants reap the benefits of their popularity. Simply put, MercuryGift is good for business!

MercuryGift helps generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and easily manage gift card sales for one business location or several.

  • Free, unlimited gift transactions make MercuryGift cost-effective.
  • Seamless integration to your POS system makes it easy to start.
  • User friendly features like online reporting and multi-location reconciliation streamline gift program management.

A variety of gift products and solutions meet individual business needs. Offerings include custom or pre-designed cards, online card sales and delivery, virtual gift cards via email and mobile phone, mobile phone gift card iPhone app, and Gift Card Mall™ opportunities. Take advantage of all your POS system offers.


Easy: online transaction reporting

Mercury simplifies business management with automated online transaction reporting.

Their customized portal, MercuryView™, takes transaction reporting a step further. MercuryView provides real-time transaction data plus a host of enhanced reporting features to help manage finances and streamline bookkeeping.

MercuryView's versatile platform features real-time transaction information, transaction history, daily batch and deposit details, and monthly statements. A wide array of reporting options are available, including:

  • Credit card transaction reports: choose from 35 pre-set reports or create reports using custom criteria. Reports can be sorted by day, card type, operator, batch, and much more.
  • MercuryGift™ card transaction reports: review gift transactions for one store or an entire chain. Check the number of cards with outstanding balances, track redeemed cards, and verify proper load amounts.
  • Daily settlement, deposit, and statement reports: keep track of anticipated deposit volume, daily discount totals from the last closed batch, and chargeback and return totals. Online monthly statements show information for the past 30 days.

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