Salon and Spa Software Client Tracking

Client Tracking for Beauty Salons and Spas

Salon Iris salon software allows you to create a detailed, custom client list, including pictures. All versions of Salon Iris salon management software can store up to 2.1 billion clients. Learn about your clientele from your contact database containing all the important information about your customers. Salon Iris salon management software also has over 200 built-in reports letting you view top spending clients, percent of clients retained by employees and much more! Salon Iris also has a mailing feature which allows you to create custom client mailing lists.

Benefits of Salon Contact Database

Salon Iris hair salon management system keeps track of your customer information:

  • Contact information
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Anniversary
  • Comments
  • E-mail address
  • SMS address
  • Pictures
  • Referral
  • Category and class: this is a "keyword" about the client. This "keyword" can be used when generating mailing lists and reports.
  • Whether or not the client should be included on mailing lists
  • File link - keep a special word processor or spreadsheet file on your client and open it using Salon Iris salon software.
  • History, including previous products and services purchased as well as formula history
  • Discounts
  • Balance
  • Tanning minutes
  • Pop-up alert
  • Family information
  • Loyalty points reward system tracking
  • See below for more details

client info

Track the Following Client History Details

  • Total amount the client has spent on products and services
  • Date of first and last visit and total number of visits
  • First and last employee to service client
  • Formula history
  • Who referred the client
  • Remaining pre-paid services

client history

Salon Client Purchase History

client purchase history

Record a Detailed Client Formula History.

client formula history

Pre-Paid Services

Track the number of pre-paid services remaining and balance.

pre-paid services

Salon Product and Service Discounts

Enter a default product and/or service discount amount for each client. This amount will be used when a new ticket is created.

customer discounts

Client Balance

Track if the client has a "tab," i.e. owes you money or has a credit due.

customer balances


Track the number of minutes the client has toward any time-based service, such as tanning.

tanning time balance

Track "No Show" Clients

Easily keep track of "no show" clients and view a report on the "warning level" of a client based on prior no shows. If the client did not make his or her last appointment, a pop-up warning will appear when the receptionist books his or her next appointment.

track no-show clients

Loyalty Points Reward Tracking

Easily track loyalty points given when a product or service is purchased. These points can be redeemed later for rewards such as free services, products or discounts. You can even print out on the receipt how many loyalty points a client has earned.

track loyalty points and rewards

Keep a Picture of Your Client

client pictures