Online Booking and Scheduling with Salon Iris Salon Software

Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling is an optional feature that is included with all packages of Salon Iris salon software. Your business can have its own customized web site where your clients can book and schedule appointments and view your business' information (services offered, specials, etc.) over the internet. Click here for more information.

Internet Booking and Scheduling Advantage

The Salon Iris salon software online appointment booking and scheduling system is hosted by the makers of Salon Iris. This provides you with a simple, reliable, low-cost online booking solution. Setup is simple, and all maintenance is handled by the makers of Salon Iris. Any internet connection will work. You do not need an expensive internet service through a company that allows website hosting. If your internet connection goes down, your web site will keep working, so your customers can continue to book and schedule appointments.

A sample demonstration web site ( shown below.

sample web site


Take Appointments 24/7: This online booking and scheduling system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so your customers can book and schedule appointments anytime, even when your business is closed. Because your customers only request an appointment, you make the final decision to accept or reject the appointment.

Quick and easy setup: You can have your entire web site ready in under 10 minutes so that your customers can schedule and book online appointments!

No special internet access required: You and your customers may use your existing Internet service provider, whether dial-up, DSL or cable. Even WebTV users will be able to book and schedule appointments on your web site!

Your own web site is included: Not only will your customers be able to easily schedule and book their next appointment over the internet at any time of the day or night, but also your business will have its own, unique web site. You will be able to specify your site's name, wording, pictures and format.

Efficient Appointment Scheduling: Your customers will only be able to book and schedule appointments for times when your employees are available.

Easy to use: You will automatically be notified whenever a customer schedules an appointment on your web site, and you will be able to review the appointment and accept or reject it.

Automatic updating: Throughout the day, your computer will automatically connect to your web site and update it with the times that your employees can take appointments.

Safe and Secure: There is no need to worry about security issues. None of your client information, sales information, product pricing, or appointment details are on the web site. Your database is never transferred outside of your business.

Works with your existing web site.

Click here for online booking and scheduling questions and answers.