This is the final section of our four-part series on comparing Cash Register Express (CRE) and Epos Now. We’ve covered the cloud-based versus local-server POS systems, functionalities of inventory management, and the availability of app integrations. All we have left to cover are the advanced features provided by both softwares. Up first is custom barcode printing.

Custom Barcode Printing

Whether you create custom goods or have products with damaged barcodes, you may run in to a situation where you need to create your own barcodes. Luckily, both CRE and Epos Now allow owners to easily and efficiently create custom barcodes for their products. Set up with predesigned templates; transfer information such as product name, price, and UPC code automatically to your barcodes. Another fantastic feature provided by both CRE and Epos Now is the advanced barcode printing module. You can design barcodes and labels for even the most difficult shaped items through the advanced barcode module.

Advantage: Even. Both provide a full custom barcode solution to their end users.

POS Reporting

The first part of our CRE vs. Epos Now series covered the differences between cloud and local-sever POS systems. CRE beat out Epos Now in regards to reporting features. Epos Now provides its end users the ability to access and manipulate their data from anywhere. For business owners who are on the go, this flexibility in management provides the perfect solution for them. The negative to Epos Now’s reporting was the lack of reports available. Covering the main reports like end-of-day and month-end inventory, Epos Now doesn’t allow you the ability to create custom reports like CRE does. Providing business owners the tools to truly take advantage of their data, CRE allows users to create reports for specific goods, customers, and employees.

Advantage: CRE. Both solutions provide business owners with the basic reports they need, but CRE takes reporting a step further with the ability to create customizable reports.

Which Point of Sale Software is Best?

In summary, both POS systems provide the advanced features you’d want from a full POS system. When making a choice between the two, it comes down to what you value and need in a point of sale system for your business. If the cloud-based functions are going to allow you to work more efficiently and that’s what you value most, then Epos Now is the solution for you. If you want a POS system that’s going to allow you to manage and control every aspect of your operations, than CRE is the best fit. Every business is different, so it’s crucial that you take the time to research the POS system that’s going to meet all your needs.

If you have further questions about CRE or Epos Now or want to learn more about our point of sale solutions, don’t hesitate to call us at 877-727-3548!

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