CRE vs Epos Now: Part 3 Applications and Integrations

Last week we learned about the inventory management capabilities provided by Epos Now and CRE (Cash Register Express). To expand on last week’s topic and learn where we can access these management functions, we are going to be comparing Epos Now’s and CRE’s application and integration functionalities.

API Integration

Epos Now and CRE both provide a full POS solution for their end users. From ringing up customers to filling out purchases orders, both POS solutions cover every aspect of running a general retail business. But what about the other web services you are already using for your business? Luckily, both Epos Now and CRE, include API integration. API (Application Programming Interface) integration is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. Simply put, with API integration, both software are capable of integrating and communicating with other software offerings. An example of this would be when you set-up your personal email on your phone by downloading the email app. Let’s jump into specifics by learning about the specific API integrations provided by Epos Now.

Epos Now

If you can remember back to part 1 of our series when we covered the differences between cloud and local-sever POS systems, you’ll remember that cloud-based POS systems provide more flexibility because of their utilization of the internet. From this, Epos Now has a whole host of 3rd party integrations that they provide from their app store. With over 80 apps to integrate with, Epos Now makes it easy for you to manage all of your web services from one central location. Some of Epos Now’s most popular apps include:

  • Xero – popular cloud-based accounting software
  • Nettle – manages sales made from websites and e-commerce sites with in-store purchases
  • Sage – ensures account transactions and inventory data are updated in real-time
  • MailChimp – email marketing platform

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Cash Register Express

Being a local-server POS system, CRE doesn’t have the functionality of relying on the cloud for its inventory management. In the case of API integration, this is a bit of a handicap. Unlike Epos Now, with over 80 integrations, CRE predominantly works with only two 3rd party apps.

  • Nitrosell – e-commerce and website integration
  • Quickbooks – popular accounting software

Who comes out on top?

In summary, it’s pretty easy to see which software provides the better selection in regards to API integration. Epos Now, with its full app store selection, provides their users with every 3rd party integration that they could ask for.

It’s not mandatory to have API integration with 3rd party apps for your POS system. Having API integration gives you options when it comes to inventory management and allows you to streamline your web-based applications into one central location. The most import factor in choosing a system is that it’s capable of managing every aspect of your business that you need. 

Rounding up our series of comparing CRE and Epos Now, next time we will be discussing the advanced features provided by both software. Like always, if you would like to learn more about both software or POS Nation, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-727-3548. 

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