If you own a liquor store or sell cases and bottles of wine, you should be well versed in the difficulties of managing your inventory. Should you track inventory by singles or cases? What if cases are discounted compared to singles? Bottom line, it can get tricky.

POS Nation’s POS software provides a case-breaking feature which makes managing your inventory significantly easier. Let me explain how it works through a simple example. Let’s say you have zero cases of beer on hand and want to replenish your stock. Here’s how it works:

  • You order five cases of beer, issue the purchase order through your point of sale system, and receive the order when it arrives.
  • Your inventory now shows that you have five cases of beer on hand, zero six packs, and zero singles.
  • A customer then buys a single beer.
  • Your POS system automatically recognizes that there are zero singles available and zero six packs available. Accordingly, the single must have come from a case of beer.
  • After the sale, our POS software ‘breaks’ a case into three six-packs and five singles.
  • Your inventory now reads four cases, three six packs, and five singles.

Through this example, you can see how the POS software tracks sales and always maintains an accurate count of your inventory. We’ve seen this feature successfully deployed at convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, and even tobacco shops (e.g., the same functionality applies to cigars sold individually or in a box). The case-break feature is a great example of how a POS system can help you save time and better run your business.

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