Inventory control is the number one reason business owners choose to purchase a point of sale system, but not all POS inventory management systems are created equally. Part two of our series comparing Cash Register Express (CRE) and Epos Now is inventory flexibility and management. Let’s jump right into the thick of it with purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

With any retail POS software, you want a system that will allow you to easily manage your vendors so that you can quickly create purchase orders based on low inventory items. Luckily, CRE allows you to do just that. Within CRE you can create reorder points that automatically generate purchase orders when inventory items dip below your preset levels. Once your purchase orders have been generated and submitted, you can easily receive and update new inventory with a single click. CRE even allows you to manage open purchase orders so that you never lose track of your purchases. Flipping over to Epos Now, creating and completing purchase orders are going to be little more complicated. Within Epos Now there is no reorder point functionality. This means that you’re going to have to manually check your inventory and see which items are running low. From there, you can create your purchase order with each item that you had painstakingly searched for previously.

Advantage: CRE for its streamlined functionality.

Inventory Device

Whether receiving new or managing current inventory levels, mobile devices make your life easier when it pertains to updating your inventory count. With that being said, CRE and Epos Now both provide a different method to complete the same task. CRE integrates with multiple hand-held inventory devices, like the CipherLab 8200 and 9700. Each has its own way of collecting data, but both allow you to easily scan your data and connect to your POS system for upload. Epos Now currently doesn’t integrate with any industry hand-held inventory devices. Because Epos Now is a cloud-based POS system, you can connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner to any cell phone or tablet as a wireless POS station for data collection. From there, you can upload the data collected to your inventory and your update is complete.

Advantage: Even. Both provide mobile inventory device solutions, just depends on individual users and their work-flow.

Scanner Scales

Just like you see in the big-box retailers and grocery stores, scanner scales provide you a great way to accurately ring up weighted goods. Epos Now doesn’t have any form of scanner scale integration, but luckily, CRE does. With several different model and size options for you to choose from, CRE provides you the flexibility you need to find the right scanner scale for your business.

Advantage: CRE for its ability to integrate with scanner scales and provide a variety of scales to choose from.

Tallying up our totals, CRE beats Epos Now with the better inventory flexibility and management capabilities. Providing a full turn-key solution for retailers, CRE allows users to completely customize their POS experience to best fit their work structure.

Point of Sale Software with Inventory Flexibility

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