No two businesses are the same — and no two point of sale systems are identical either. If you’re in the market for a POS solution, learn which tools your pizza shop needs to succeed and how to increase pizza delivery sales!

Building Pizzas with Your Point of Sale System

A pizza POS system has to do one vital thing right — build pizzas. Customizing orders should be simple, not a task that gives your employees a headache.

Custom menu programming allows you to input every single ingredient and modifier. The software makes ordering simple with the ability to customize pizzas by the half, add or remove toppings, and so much more. Plus, when you add ingredients to your inventory, you can also price each item individually and create recipes in the system. This way, food costs are calculated without having to do the math — and ingredients are automatically deducted with each order to keep inventory up-to-date.

Upgrade Your Pizza Delivery Tracking System

pizza delivery tracking systemWhile several point of sale systems can support pizza shops, most of them can’t support deliveries. Rather than spend money on third-party delivery services or lose business by not offering delivery at all, you can invest in pizza shop POS software that will be with you for the long haul.

POS Nation’s pizza delivery tracking allows you to create maps and customize your service radius directly in the system. Once a customer places an order, the software keeps a record of their delivery address and phone number. When a repeat customer calls in, you know exactly who it is and where the order is going. Plus, the system integrates with your website to make online delivery orders easy.

Improve Workflow with a Pizza POS System

The best way to increase pizza delivery sales and boost business? A streamlined and efficient workflow. Operating with a point of sale system that’s customized to your pizzeria can make this happen.

Kitchen communication is simpler than ever with the ability to clearly and quickly pass orders to the kitchen and print them there. Whether your pizzeria is a quick serve or sit-down restaurant, the system’s custom features can help grow your business. Effortlessly split up tips among employees, keep track of tables and divide guest checks, and run a loyalty program to reward repeat customers with discounts.

The Point of Sale Features Your Business Needs

Now that you’re familiar with how a point of sale system can streamline a pizzeria’s processes and boost sales, be sure to keep the features you want in mind when doing your research. The investment of a fully customized and easy to use POS system is well worth the investment — and we guarantee it will pay for itself sooner than you’d think!

If you’re interested in seeing POS Nation’s software in action, schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists! You can also build your system online today.