POS Nation offers affordable and flexible leasing options for full point of sale system purchases. We understand that new businesses have limited cash availability, and sometimes it makes more sense to finance a capital expenditure over several years. Our low interest rate lease-to-own plans provide the flexibility you need to invest in your business without draining your cash balance.

Estimated Monthly Payments

Every business is different and monthly payments are dependent on company-specific factors. Click the link to the right to view our leasing calculator and to find your estimated monthly payment. You can also apply online in a few easy steps.

All leases require the first and last month's payment, which is due at closing. Exact leasing terms are determined by an individual business' credit check. Contact us today to learn more.

The Value of Leasing

Leasing provides a great financing option for companies with limited cash flow. Looking at software with monthly payment options? These may sound great, but they still require an upfront hardware purchase and the payments last forever — you never actually own your software. Leasing provides the best of both worlds by eliminating the upfront hardware purchase and by eliminating the perpetual payments. Once your lease is paid off, you own everything and you don't owe any further monthly payments.

POS Leasing

Contact POS Nation today to see if you qualify for a lease.

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