Tell Me a Little About Yourself

If you are facing a problem with your point of sale system, don't panic and batten down the hatches! Serving 8 years as a submarine radioman, Tim is always ready to take the deep dive into your system to resolve any issues you may be facing. From exploring the deep blue sea to operating as a government contractor, to now supporting our customer's point of sale systems, Tim knows the importance of following protocols so your technical issues never happen again. 

When Tim is out of the office, you more than likely can find him traveling the world. Would you believe us if we said he's been to over 30 countries and speaks Italian? If he's not off galavanting around Europe or Asia, Tim loves to spend his free time kayaking, hiking, spelunking, and running marathons. 

Likes: Crossfit, Kayaking, Beer & Wine

Tim Harder

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