As one of the ten largest processors, Mercury is a recognized industry leader in point of sale system payment processing.


Through MercuryStand-In, Mercury Payments is able to keep merchants processing even when there are outages in the payment authorization network. Imagine payment processing screeching to a halt just when sales traffic is at its peak. Checkout lines get longer and customers get angry. With MercuryStand-In however, those risks are eliminated. If a processing outage occurs, Mercury turns on their “stand in” authorization service so business can continue without interruption.

Free 24/7 Support

At POS Nation we know that technical support is extremely important. We believe that companies should stand behind their products and services. With Mercury, all customers will receive free 24/7 payment processing support. Another great advantage of Mercury Payments is that our technicians work with Mercury on a daily basis. Customers can call us directly and we'll work direct with Mercury to resolve any potential issues. And because of our familiarity with Mercury, we can typically resolve issues in a fraction of the time it takes third-party processors.

Free Gift Card Transactions

Mercury offers free gift card processing, which results in signficant savings for our customers. Gift cards help merchants generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and create customer loyalty, and with Mercury, merchants can do all of this for free.  And because Mercury gift cards seamlessly integrates with our POS systems, you don't have to setup a separate merchant account or deal with the hassle of tracking down your merchant service provider to issue you gift cards.

Online Transaction Reporting

Mercury simplifies business management with automated online transaction reporting. Mercury's platform features real-time transaction information, transaction history, daily deposit details, and monthly statements. Mercury also offers a variety of reporting options including sales reports, gift card reports, and daily batching reports.

To learn more about Mercury, visit their website.