Unlock Payment Data to Help Your Business Grow

Swipely provides merchants with sophisticated sales, customer, and business data and insight gathered by using its payment processing. Think of Google Analytics for your business. Swipely is an amazing tool for businesses wanting to use real data to make better decisions. And the best part? It's absolutely free.


Sales Reporting and Analytics


Track daily sales by number of transactions, total volume, and average ticket size. With Swipely, better understand your daily fluctuations and week-over-week sales growth.

New vs. Repeat Customers


For any given time period, know your new vs. repeat business. Track correlations between menu items and repeat business to know exactly what products are bringing customers back. And when you run marketing campaigns, know exactly how many new customers the campaign brought in and the lifetime value of those customers.

Time of Day Reporting


Time of day reporting helps merchants make better staffing decisions.

Campaign Insights


Automatically run marketing campaigns and promotions through your social media outlets. With Swipely, you can now track the results of those campaigns and know exactly which customers your campaigns bring in.

Reputation Monitoring


Track your online reviews and know exactly what your customers are saying on review sites such as Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor.

Customer Tracking and Database


Know exactly who your best customers are and how frequently they visit your store. Send automated email reminders when they have visited in a while or tempt them with coupons for their favorite products.

Detailed Customer Profiles


For every customer, know exactly when they made purcahses and what they purcahsed. Track customer loyalty points and email coupons and promotional material. Track the frequency of your customers' visits and understand what draws them in.

Branded Loyalty Plan


Get a custom branded rewards offer page to promote your loyalty rewards program that's run by Swipely. Your customers can join the program with a single text.

Free In-Store Collateral


Swipely provides free table tents, check presenter inserts, custom receipt trailer message printing.







To learn more about Swipely, visit their website.