Quick Service Software For Your Point of Sale

We recommend RPOWER for quick service restaurants and cafes. Our quick service software features easy order entry with robust reporting and inventory management features.

Hot Key Menu Programming

Fast Order Entry Equals Happy Customers

Our quick service software allows users to program hotkeys for one-touch order entry. Your most popular menu items, modifiers, menu groups, and software functions can be created as hotkey buttons for a smoother workflow and to facilitate faster transactions.

Conversational Ordering 

Modify Orders Without Missing a Beat

Have you ever had a customer change their mind in the middle of an order? Or jump around the menu while ordering? That's not a problem with RPOWER. Easily add, modify, or delete orders on the fly while your customers decide what they want.

Sales and Royalty Reports

Data at Your Fingertips

RPOWER tracks sales by the hour, day, month, and year for any period of time. Easily compare sales year over year, or even day to day to see how your business is growing. RPOWER makes tracking sales for royalties as simple as a few clicks.

Customer Loyalty

Cash in on Repeat Business

Our QSR software allows you to run custom loyalty and reward programs to motivate repeat business. The software tracks customer purchase history in the system and alerts you when benchmarks are hit. You can run a "buy nine, get one free" program or a "spend 100 dollars and earn ten percent off your next purchase" promotion.

Employee Management

Get the Most Out of Your Workforce

Odds are, you won't be the only one working at your quick service restaurant. Easily track employee time and attendance and manage your entire payroll in the system. The software can even track tips to ensure all your bookkeeping ties out exactly. 

Order by Table Functionality

Efficient Table Service

Do your customers order at the counter or at their table? With RPOWER, you have the flexibility to enter orders under either setup. Customize your floor layout in the system and assign orders to tables and individuals to ensure the right order is always given to the right customer.

Want to Learn More? Call Us at (877) 727-3548!

Want to Learn More? Call Us at (877) 727-3548!

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