The Right System for Your Cafe or QSR

RPE is designed to meet the needs of a variety of cafes, delis, and QSRs. See how the features below can help grow your business.

Menu Items

Restaurant Pro Express gives your restaurant the ability to have an easy-to-read, yet robust menu.  Your employees will be able to place orders with ease.  Whether it’s a side of fries or a Upgraded Grilled Combo with no cheese or pickles, RPE makes menus easy.

Order Editing

If a mistake on an order is made, or the customer changes their mind, no need to worry!  With RPE’s Order Editing feature, any part, or all of the order can be edited to meet the customer’s needs.  This feature also comes if a discount needs to be given to an order.

Table Layouts

If you have areas of your restaurant that have a different type of seating chart, RPE’s Table Layout feature will help keep each layout organized.  Whether you have a bar, a patio, or a quaint fireplace dining area, RPE keeps it easy to navigate between all areas of your restaurant.

Table Management

Restaurant Pro Express has a completely customizable table management system that will show the exact layout of your business.  Servers and food runners will no longer be confused on which table is what.  The layout will also allow for walls and obstacles to be added so the restaurant POS system resembles the layout of your restaurant floor.

Take Out

Have a thriving take out business?  Let RPE make managing this side of the business easy for you.  Keep it simple and take the first name of the customer, or get as detailed as getting information from the customer that can be stored in the system so that order history can be kept.  Take your Take Out game to the next level with Restaurant Pro Express.

Gift Card Amount

A great way to increase business and drive sales is to create a gift card program.  You will easily be able to manage and sell gift cards within RPE.  Restaurant Pro Express also has the ability to have a direct integration with gift cards.

Order Modification

Odds are, when taking orders at your restaurant, most customers will want to make a few modifications to their order.  With Restaurant Pro Express’ Order Modification feature, your employees will be able to do exactly that.  Create ‘forced’ or ‘optional’ modifiers that will make the employee choose a specific option or choose something that’s optional.  For example, choosing a type of bread would be ‘forced’ but choosing from a list of 10 ingredients to go on a burger would be ‘optional’.

Pizza Setup

Pizza parlors have come to the right place!   RPE’s Pizza Setup feature gives the business the ability to create custom and specialty pizzas.  If a customer wants pepperoni and sausage on half but also wants only cheese on the other half, it’s not a problem with the Pizza Setup feature.  Also, any special pizzas that your business has developed in the kitchen over the years can be programmed into the system as well.

Recipe Tracking

Inventory management just became a lot easier with Restaurant Pro Express.  The system has the ability to track each ingredient that goes into a certain meal.  When a chicken sandwich is ordered, two pieces of bread, one chicken breast and an ounce of pickles will automatically be pulled from your inventory.  Keep inventory from your main courses all the way down to the salt in the shakers (Ok, that may be a little extreme!).

Bar Tabs

If your business is having trouble keeping track of which customer has an open tab at your bar, RPE’s Bar Tab feature will solve your issue.  When a customer comes to the bar to place an order, you can get that customer's name and create an open tab for them.  From then until they have cashed out, your bartender will easily be able to add any items that the customer orders.  All opens tabs will be easily visible on an ‘Open Tab’ screen which decreases the risk of overlooking a tab that may not have been closed out.

Delivery Order

RPE’s Delivery Order feature allows your business to easily create delivery orders for your customers.  Upon each delivery order, you will be prompted to either find a current customer or create a new one.  Once the customer is found or created, you will be able to see all kinds of customer information including email address, home address, and sales history.  Did we mention that customer loyalty programs can be used with this feature as well?

Delivery Tracking

Once the delivery order has been placed, you will now be able to track where that order is.  The Delivery Tracking screen shows when the order was placed, when it was promised to be delivered by, and where the delivery is going.  You can also track your drivers.  The screen will show which drivers are available and who is currently on delivery.

Item Scheduling

If you have a restaurant that prides itself on daily specials, Restaurant Pro Express is the POS system for you!  With the Item Scheduling feature, you can program menu items to only show up on the restaurant POS screen during certain hours or days.  Only want breakfast to show up from 7am – 11am?  Not a problem.

Self Service

Use RPE's self service screen to allow customers to input their own order. With this customer-facing terminal, your business needs one less cashier as customers take their own orders.

Split Checks

There is no need to worry about one customer having to float the bill every time with Restaurant Pro Express’ Split Check feature.  Whether you have two or twenty customers, the restaurant POS system will give you the ability to split the check as many ways as you need.  Splits can be done evenly or by seat number.  Cheap skates can’t escape with RPE’s Split Check feature.