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We recommend RPOWER POS for full-service restaurants. Our restaurant POS software is ideal for restauranteurs looking for a robust feature set with customizable options. Learn more to see if RPOWER is the best POS software for your restaurant.

Order by Table Management

Manage the Entire Floor From Your POS

RPOWER lets you customize your floor layout and manage individual tables within the POS system. Track orders by table and seat to ensure they are always placed accurately and delivered to the right patrons.

Whether you operate a dining room, bar, patio, or all three, customize your floor layout to always have a live view of your restaurant. Each table is identified as vacant or occupied, and if occupied, the server’s name is displayed along with the length of time the customer has been at the table.

Once a table is filled, place orders by seat to ensure each guest receive exactly what they ordered. Easily add to an order throughout the meal. Hold and fire orders as needed, and when the meal is complete, split checks by guest in seconds to ensure happy customers.

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Kitchen Communication

Quick Communication Means Faster Turnover

Once an order is placed at the POS, the ticket is then sent to the kitchen via a remote printer, which creates a paper ticket, or a kitchen display system (KDS) which projects the order on a monitor for the kitchen staff to see.

Print different menu items to different kitchen printers so that orders are sent to the right station. For example, all drink orders can be sent to the bar while all food orders are sent to the kitchen. Print modifiers in red to clearly distinguish different selections and add notes for special preparation instructions.

If you’d like to stay away from printing tickets, kitchen display systems present orders on a monitor for the kitchen staff to see. Orders can be cycled through and ‘bumped’ off the monitor when they are complete. KDS's only display eight orders at once, and because of this, they are primarily used by fast food and fast casual restaurants. 

The restaurant system ensures orders make it to the kitchen promptly and accurately. 

Tip Tracking and Employee Management

Always Know Who's Owed What

Track tips within your system to easily and quickly allocate compensation to the wait staff. Use your software to manage employee time and attendance with clock-in and clock-out features.

Assign employees to a job or profile that limits their ability to perform certain functions or access sensitive information on the POS. Requiring manager approval for discounts and voids is a great way to ensure your financial security.

Set compensation rates and run your entire payroll through your point of sale system.

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Customizable Menu

Let Us Program Your Menu For You

We can program your entire menu into the POS software for easy order entry. Your staff can identify menu items by pictures to increase speed and accuracy of entering orders. The restaurant software allows you to divide your menu by sections — for example, appetizers, mains, sides, and drinks — to keep everything organized for the wait staff.

Set forced modifiers that are required to be entered before proceeding with the order, which often helps the wait staff remember to ask all the necessary questions. For example, when a steak is ordered, the next screen requires the waitress to select rare, medium, or well done.

Additional costs can be tied to certain modifiers as well to ensure your restaurant is upcharging.

Modifiers allow customers to add sides, toppings, and other requests to an order. Modifiers can also be customized with descriptions such as light and extra so when a hamburger is ordered, for example, your staff can choose from a variety of optional modifiers including ketchup, tomato, bacon, and cheese. Then, for each modifier, you have the additional option to add extra or light. 

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Recipe Tracking

Food Costs at Your Fingertips

RPOWER lets you maintain your recipes in your point of sale to allow for complete inventory management.

As ingredients and portions are built into a recipe, the proportional food cost is added to the menu item. If ground beef costs $8 per pound and each hamburger calls for half a pound of beef, then the system knows that each hamburger includes $4 worth of ground beef. So, when a hamburger is ordered, $4 of costs are added to your P&L.

Continuing the example, when a hamburger is ordered, the system automatically deducts half a pound of beef from the inventory so an accurate count is always kept.

One of the top reasons restaurants fail is that they don't understand the profitability of each dish. That $25 pork chop may sound profitable, but after 15 ingredients are added, you may actually be selling it at a loss. Recipe tracking also lets your chefs and bartenders easily access guides for preparing any order.

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Online Ordering

Increase Your Exposure and Sales

RPOWER allows businesses to fully integrate their website with the POS so online orders are automatically pushed down to the system.

Stop employing someone just to answer the phone and have all your pickup orders seamlessly entered into the system.

We’ve partnered with GrubHub, Seamless, TakeOut, Menu Drive, and other online delivery platforms to offer online ordering integration. Don’t have a website? No problem.

Already have a website? Just as easy. Either way, we’ll help you upload your menu to the web.

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Want to Learn More? Call Us at (877) 727-3548

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