Table Service Overview & Operations

Table Ordering

In a busy restaurant full of customers, it can be hard to know which tables are open and which ones are not. No longer! Efficiently manage your restaurant using the open table feature in RPOWER. Easily monitor which tables have customers and which ones are ready for sitting. From there, waiters can easily assign orders by seat at each table. 

New Check

Start a new check in RPOWER Point of Sale software.

Hold & Fire Orders

Create customer orders by using the "Hold and Fire" feature within RPOWER to stage course items for submission to the kitchen. 

Add Items To Guest Checks

Whether by individual or by meal course, easily add items to a guest check.

Cash Payments

Simply make a cash payment on a guest check using RPOWER Point of Sale software.

Credit Card Payments

Simply run credit cards for a guest check using RPOWER Point of Sale software.

Correct Order Entry Errors

There are several ways items can be removed from a guest check using RPOWER. Here are a few simple examples of how to do so.

House Accounts

Easily create tabs using the House Accounts feature within RPOWER. When opening a new tab, you can simply link the selected tab to an existing house account by pressing the customer key in the bottom left-hand corner. Once selected, choose from your database of customers and let your system manage the rest. 

Print Guest Checks

Simply print guest checks for every order or by request.

Split Check

Print A Split Check

Once you're done splitting the necessary amount of checks requested, easily print those individual checks for your customers.

Transfering Checks

Whether you have multiple servers working on a table or have a new server clocking in, easily transfer checks from one server to another.

Bar Tabs

Whether you're opening a new tab or closing an old one, easily manage and update orders on the fly using RPOWER's Bar Tab features. Simply add to orders from the easy to use tab screen by selecting on the desired tab and then choosing the ordered menu item. When you're done, simply close out tabs busing the speed key options on the bottom tab.

Employee Tracking

Use RPOWER to easily manage your labor. Easily add employees into your POS system so you can manage their day to day operations and set role responsibilities. 

Quick Service Operations

Quick Service

Quickly and efficiently use RPOWER's streamlined counter operations for quick service applications.

Delivery Operations Overview



Speed up your delivery options so your drivers don't have to. Manage your orders based on delivery distance so you can efficiently get your orders out on time and know which ones are next in line.


Utilize the caller-id feature in RPOWER to enter new customers and to start customer orders for existing customers in as few as three keystrokes.