Must standard consumer products come with barcodes already printed on them, but when you sell custom products, locally produced products, or individual units from a broken down case, it’s often beneficial to print your own barcodes to ensure those products are rung up quickly and accurately.


Predesigned Templates

The POS software comes with predesigned templates for printing barcodes. Information such as product name, price, and UPC code is automatically transferred to the barcode.

Print Shelf Tags and Sticky Labels

Label printers are also great for producing shelf tags and sticky labels to keep your store organized. Print ingredient lists, promo codes, or any additional information you need to label products.

Advanced Barcode Customization

With our advanced barcode printing module, design barcodes and labels in any shape or size. With advanced barcode printing, add any information you’d like to the barcode such as ingriedent lists, manufacturer information, or expiration dates. From single cigar labels to tree tags for lawn & garden centers, the software can produce a range of designs and styles.

Automatically Print Labels for Received Products

With the barcode module, the software automatically queues up labels to be printed for any received inventory. Don’t worry about determining how many labels of each product to print; instead, let the system generate the labels for you.

Eliminate Employee Errors

One of the biggest advantages of barcode printing is eliminating the possibility of employee error. We’ve all seen a frustrated employee simply make up a price because he can’t find the product he’s ring up in the system. Whenever manual entry exist, so does the possibility of human error.

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