Customer loyalty programs have been the buzz of the retail industry for the past several years. From Groupon to reward cards, retailers are recognizing the value of a loyal and returning customer base. Obviously, repeat business drives increased sales, but the true benefit of loyal and invested customers is when they start marketing your business for you. From social media posts to water cooler conversations, outspoken customers are more creditable and trusted than any advertisement your business can produce. Start getting customers excited about your business with a customized customer loyalty plan.



Customized Reward Plans

Structure your loyalty plan to meet your business’ needs. Set benchmarks based on whatever metrics make the most sense to your business. Offer percentage discounts when benchmarks are hit or even flat dollar savings.



Issue Gift Receipts or Gift Cards

If you’re offering a flat dollar discount, have it applied to the next purchase or even issue a gift receipt or gift card for a future purchase. The system tracks balances so you always know what credits are outstanding. Not only do gift cards drive incremental sales, but oftentimes, they go unused. Approximately a quarter of gift cards are never redeemed, representing billions of dollars each year that businesses are able to put back in their own pocket.



Track Customer Purchase History

Maintain a database of all your customers and easily see past purchases and transactions. Help customers recall the products, brands, or sizes from their most recent purchases. Quickly access current loyalty points and how far off is the next benchmark. The more you know about your customers, the better you'll be able to meet their needs.


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