One of the most useful benefits of a POS system is gaining the ability to consolidate multiple business functions into a single system. Enough with the punch cards and Excel sheets — start letting your POS track hours for you! And with built-in security measures, have the confidence that your system will prevent your employees from taking advantage of your business.



Track Time and Attendance

Employees clock in when they arrive and clock out when they leave. Paid and unpaid breaks are tracked to make sure all hours are fair and accurate. When the pay period is complete, run reports by employee to see exactly how many hours each employee logged. And for the record, we use this exact same software to track our employees at POS Nation.



Run Payroll

Integrate your payroll processing directly to the POS system to have all employee hours automatically transferred to your payroll company.



Create Job Based Permissions

Each employee can be assigned to a specific ‘job’ such as cashier, manager, or owner — which gives them access to only the functions and parts of the point of sale that are necessary for their position. For example, a cashier might only have the ability to ring up sales while a manager might be required to process any voids or discounts. And if you're worried about employees accessing sensitive information, the owner can be the only 'job' with the ability to access sales and financial reports. The permissions for each job role can be customized and applied to multiple employees.



Manage Schedules

Schedule your entire team in the system so each employee knows exactly when they are working. Schedule employees weeks in advance so there's never any confusion of who is working when.



Identify Which Employees Are Causing Problems

Exception reports allow you to identify exactly which employees are giving discounts, voiding sales, or any performing any unusual activity. Cash drawer counts force employees to count the cash drawer at the beginning and end of each shift so any discrepancies are easily tied to a specific employee. Enable blind counts so the employee doesn’t know how much cash is supposed to be in the drawer at any given time.

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