Inventory control is the number one reason business owners choose to purchase a point of sale system, but surprisingly, many merchants have a hard time articulating what exactly they want their POS to do. They know too much inventory ties up cash, too little inventory leads to missed sales, and too much shrinkage is a recipe for disaster, but that’s about it. So how can your POS help with inventory control?  




Maintain a Database of All Your Products

The POS system maintains a database of all your products. Easily add individual products or upload a bulk list. Track UPC code, vendor number, department, category, item description, cost, and price of each item you offer. Assign serial numbers high-value items or use the style matrix to easily organize products with various sizes and colors. Select from dozens of item properties, such as sell by weight or prompt ID check, to customize your products.    




Powerful Reporting and Data Analysis

Inventory reporting not only saves time, but it provides valuable insight to help you make better business decisions. Monthly physical inventory counts can be completed with a few clicks saving you countless hours. More importantly, know what products are moving and driving your sales and which products are tying up your cash. Failing to maintain appropriate inventory levels, either too much or too little, is one of the top reasons small businesses fail.    




Standardized Pricing and Run Sales

Easily assign promotional pricing to different inventory items based on department, individual product, bundled products, or time period. Automatic sales pricing eliminates cashier errors and ensures customers are paying the correct price. Stop worrying about pricing each product and use an automatic markup to maintain profit margins across all departments.    




Keep an Accurate Count of What’s On Hand

When your POS is initially setup, import stock levels of all your products. As items are sold, they automatically deduct from inventory and conversely, when purchase orders are received, items your inventory is automatically increased. And when products are damaged or stock levels need adjusting, generate a Quick PO to make the necessary changes.    


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