The Avery 6712 Oz Scale integrates with Aldelo for Restaurants software to allow cashiers to ring up items that are charged by weight. A good example of this would be a salad bar where salads are sold based on the weight of the salad purchased in a cafeteria.


Hardware Identification:

I. Packaging includes
     A. Scale
     B. Weight Platter,
     C. Power Supply
     D. 6 digit LCD external display (7’ cable w/ RJ45 connector to scale)

II. Scale part number: 6712-7 (remove platter to locate sticker)

III. Scale Ports:
     A. RJ45 port for external display connect
     B. Proprietary circular power port
     C. 9 Pin F Serial Connector for Scale


Setup Procedure:

I. Connect scale to the computer station serial port
     A. Lenovo Computers – connect to the only available Serial Port Directly
     B. POSX All In One Computers – Connect to COM1 using 9 Pin to RJ45 adapter included with POSX Computer

II. Connect External Display and then power supply

III. Open Aldelo Software

IV. Go to Back Office>Station Settings>Port Settings

V. Select Weight Scale COM Port

VI. Select Weight Scale Type = NCI Weightronics 6702/6710/6720

VII. Under Advanced button, assign the following Weightronics communication defaults for Port Settings: “9600,n,8,1”

VIII.    Click Done to save changes

IX.    Go to Back Office>Station Settings>Other Options>Extra Settings

X.    Find Listing for
     A. Weight Scale Integrated – Set Key Value = YES
     B. Weight Scale Unit Name – Set Key Value = unit used (i.e. LB, OZ, etc)

XI. Click Done to save settings

XII. Save and Restart Aldelo software

XIII. Setup an Item for testing
     A. Open Aldelo and go to Back Office
     B. Go to Setup>Menu Setup>Menu Items
     C. On the left pane, select a Menu Group where the Item will be created
     D. On the right pane, click on an open box where the item will be created
     E. Menu Item Full Name: WeighTest
     F. Menu Category: select any available, or create
     G. Default Item Price (set to the price per oz to be charged for the item): 1.00 ($1/oz)
     H. Send to Printer At: Assign printer selection if required
     I. Check “Order Item By Weight”
     J. Click Done and Close


I. Place a weight on the scale and verify that the External Display shows the weight

II. Open Aldelo Software

III. Go to Take Out or Dine In

IV. Select item for order

V. Aldelo should pull the item weight from the scale, and calculate the item cost as a product of (scale weight x price per weight)


Common Problems:

I. How can I verify that the scale is properly communicating with the computer station? User Hyperterminal to perform a basic Windows communication test.
     A. open hyper terminal with settings 9600,8,N,1,N
     B. put an object on the scale , take not of the weight (e.g  8.2oz)
     C. on the computer hold the shift+w then press enter, hyper terminal should show 8.2 oz