The POSX All in One computer is one of the primary offerings of POSNation. This computer station includes the following features:

  • Touchscreen Monitor
  • Integrated CPU (rear of monitor)
  • 4 USB ports
  • 4 Serial COM ports (RJ45), 2 optionally powered
  • VGA (optionally powered)
  • Parallel Port
  • Easy Access Hard Drive
  • Integrated Card Reader
  •  Integrated Customer Rear Display (powered VGA)
  •  Fanless
  •  Solid State Hard Drive (most models)
  •  Small Footprint


 POSX Touchscreens and All in One computers look very similar because they have the same casement. Touchscreens must be connected to a computer before the screen will display, while All in One computers have the computer integrated into the rear of the screen. All POSX All in One computers have the following designations:

  • Part number on rear corner of monitor and on OEM Box label:

 o    EVO-TP4A-A**** - Client station only (1.6 GHz Single Core Processor, 1GB RAM)
 o    EVO-TP4A-B**** - Server and client station (1.8 GHz Dual Core Processor, 2GB RAM)
 o    EVO-TP4C-B**** - Same as TP4AB, but with True Flat screen (no bezel)

  • Packaging includes:

 o    TP4 All in One computer
 o    Power cable
 o    3 Adapters,  RJ45 to 9 Pin Serial
 o    Cable retainer panels
 o    Touch Monitor Driver Disk

 Common Problems:

 1.    Cannot enable Wifi adapter.
 The POSNation version of this runs on Windows Embedded Standard 7. The original image release (R002) does not have support for wifi adapters. The wifi adapter drivers will load fine, but the adapter will not enable. This has to do with the OS, and cannot be changed for this version without installing windows. The reasons for this are:

 a.    Increase POS station security by not permitting wifi cards
 b.    Increase reliability of POS stations by requiring that a CAT5 cable be run for network service

 We recommend that the investment be made to install hard wiring for network connections instead of using wireless adapter cards to increase reliability and security. In the rare even when this not possible, we may be able to swap hard drives with the customer and provide a custom image. This would require a special request from to the Product Advisor or Customer Care.