Front Of House 

Dine-In & Table Service


To make a reservation, click on “Dine-In” on your main screen, enter your login; you will see a table layout screen.  Click on “Hostess” and a screen will come up that has 3 tabs at the top, “Reservations”, “Waiting list”, and “Floor View”.  To make a new reservation, on the “Reservations” tab, click on “New”.  Fill in the information on the screen, “Party Name”, “Total Guests”, and then tap on the “Adults” button and enter the number of adults on the reservation, “Children” and enter the number of children on the reservation.  You are also able to select “Highchairs” to enter the number of highchairs needed. You then set the date and time as well as assign a table.  You are able to set your specific parameters for taking reservations depending on how far in advance you want to take them.  For example, to take reservations a day in advance, tap the date at the top of the screen, tap “Day” and the reservation date will show on the screen, and then tap “Select”.  Then simply tap on one of the tables to assign a table.  You will then be back on the reservation information screen.  Fill in the rest of the reservation information, i.e. telephone number, occasion, and there is also an area to enter notes specific to that particular reservation such as “30th Anniversary”.  Click on “Done” and your reservation is made.

To set your specific reservation-taking parameters, you will have to go to the “Back Office”, enter your login, “Store Settings”, then click the “Services” tab, make sure you are in the Dine-In tab, click on the “Hostess/Paging Setup” button in the lower right corner of the screen, “Reservations” tab, and you will then be on the “Global Settings” page.  Fill in “Minimum Advance Days”, “Maximum Advance Days”, and “Hold Reservation Open After Time Expired For (Minutes)”, and check on any of the other choices noted based on your needs. 

Waiting List:  If you have a high demand for seating in your restaurant, you definitely want to track it in the system and get them to their seats quickly.  To get to the waiting list function, click on “Dine In”, login to the system, click on “Hostess”, and the 3 tabs, “Reservations”, “Waiting List” and “Floor View” are visible at the top of the page.  Click on “Waiting List”, and then “Add”.  If you have previously entered a customer’s information into your system, click on the “Customer” button in the upper right corner.  A screen will come up where you enter the customer’s phone number and click “Enter”.  The customer name will populate in the “Party Name” field on the screen.  You are able to edit how many adults, children, highchairs, etc. on that same screen and then click “Done”. 

To edit the Waiting List features, go to the Back Office, login, click on the “Store Settings” button, “Services” tab, “Hostess/Paging Setup”, “Waiting List” tab, and make the adjustments as-needed for your business.

Seating A Customer:  To actually seat a customer, click on “Dine In”, “Hostess”, “Waiting List” tab, and a list will appear on the screen of all the Waiting List customers, which will also include the Time, Party Name, Number Of Guests, Time Elapsed, and even suggest a table.  Select your customer, and at that point tap the “Check In” button on the right side of the screen.  The patient’s name will disappear off of the waiting list.  Click on “Exit” and then select “Assign A Table” button.  The server’s name will be at the top of the screen, and then tap the “Select” button.  Assign the suggested table, and at that time, the floor view shows the assigned table number, the server’s name and “New”.  If you tap on the table number, a “Ticket” will show on the screen and as a manager, you are able to see that ticket as it populates and see the pace of it.  As the server, you will click on “Dine In”, login, and see on the floor view that you have a new table, click on that table and you will see the ticket on the left side of the screen.  When you click on “Edit”, you are then ready to enter the order.

Bar Tabs


To set up the parameters for your bar tabs, go to Back Office, “Station Settings”, and click on “Other Options” tab.  Click on “Enable Bar Tab Services For This Station” and it will be enabled.  If you want to go directly to a bar tab screen and not have to make the choice of “Bar” or “Table”, click to enable “Skip Table/Bar Tab Type selection For Dine-In” on the “Other Options” tab so when you select “Dine In” and login, you will go directly to a bar tab screen.

To start a bar tab, when you are in the bar tab screen, if you are running Aldelo EDC, you simply have to swipe the credit card and the customer name will populate on the screen and you are able to start a bar tab and it will automatically put a “hold” on the pre-authorization amount pre-set in the system (see below for setting the pre-authorization amount).   You can also click on the “People” icon and a screen will come up that you can enter the customer “statistics” such as height, gender, clothing color, etc. 

With the customer name on the screen, click “Finish” and you will go directly to the bar screen where you will be able to enter the drink the customer orders and then his bar tab is created.  To add another drink to the same tab, on the main screen, click “Recall” and all open orders will populate on the screen.  Click on the tab to add the drink to and then “Edit”.  Another way would be to go to “Dine In”, “Bar”, and all open bar tabs will populate on the screen.  Tap on the customer to re-open, and click “Edit” to add the drink.  There is also a “Re-Order” button and when that is clicked, the drinks the customer has ordered populate the screen and simply click on the drink to re-order and that drink is added to the customer’s tab.

When you use Aldelo EDC (Electronic Data Capture) for credit card processing, you go to Back Office, “Store Settings”, click on the “Revenue” tab; this is where the EDC will be and the screen will show all payment types your particular business takes.  Then click on the “Other” tab and in the middle of the screen there will be an area “Additional Options”.  You will see “Enable Bar Tab Pre-Authorization”, which is enabled by placing an “X” in the field next to it, and “Bar Tab Pre-Authorization Amount”, where you set a pre-authorization amount, such as $25.00.  This feature is important in that most bar tabs are paid in arrears and you are able to set a pre-authorized amount in the system so that when you run a customer’s credit card you can give the card back, and that pre-set pre-authorization amount will be held on that credit card.  When the tab is completed, the “hold” will fall off and the sale batch at the end of the night will complete. 

Managing Order


When an order is placed and if you have to split the check, you will need click on “Settle” then recall the order, click on “Split”, the check will come up on the left of the screen.  You then click on “Add” at the bottom of the screen the number of splits you need.  One way to do this is by seat number.  You click on “By Seat #” button at the bottom of the screen and that allows you to select the items ordered by each individual seat and move them to one of the new receipts.  To do this, simply tap on the item or items to highlight them, then on your screen tap in one of the empty open “check” areas and your highlighted items will come off of the original check and populate on the newly created check.  Do this for as many times the bill needs to be split.  You will then have separate checks.  Items are able to be toggled between the checks easily.  To split by menu items, tap on the “By Menu Item” and highlight the item on the check to toggle to a different check.  Click on “Finish” and all of the checks will print separately.  All of the separated orders will appear on your screen to be closed out.

Combine Checks:  To split a check and then combine them back together from the Menu screen, you tap on “Recall”, click on “Edit” and then click on “Split”.  The order will appear on the left side of the screen.  Click on “Add” however many times the check needs to be split.  You can do this by seat position as above in which you tap on the “By Seat #” button and then highlight each item ordered by a particular seat number.  Then tap in one of the empty “check” areas and those items will be removed from the original check and now be on the newer check.  Click “Finish”. 

To combine two orders into one order, go to “Recall”, select one of the checks that are to be combined and then click on “Combine” at the bottom of the screen.  The open orders will be at the top of the screen.  Tap on the order to be combined and click “Accept”.  The newly created check will print.

Putting Orders On Hold:  When a customer orders everything at once, the server is able to “pace” the meal using this tool.  To do this, click on “Dine-In”, select a table, and enter the order for each seat position to include any drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  Your ticket is visible on the screen and to place items on the ticket on hold, such as the entrees and desserts, click on “Hold” at the bottom of the screen.  All of your check items will appear on the left side of the screen and will have boxes to the left of them that are able to be “checked” when that menu item is tapped.  Tap the items to put on “hold” and then tap one of the buttons: “Hold Until Notified” or “Hold Time” to enter a time frame to hold the items.  Then click on “Done”.  To then send the hold items to the kitchen, “Recall” the order, tap on the items to be removed from hold and tap on “Clear Hold Time” and then tap on “Done”.  Those items will now go back to the kitchen.


Counter Service Environments


Quick Service Screen:  To enter a take-out order, on your main screen, click on “Take Out”.  Your available menu items will be populated on the screen as well as a quantity section.  Entering dine-in and drive-thru orders are done the same way by selecting the appropriate button at the top of the screen, “Dine-In” or “Drive Thru”.  At the top of the tickets, it will say whether it is dine-in, drive thru, or take-out. 

To create an order and add a name to the order, create the order and then click on “Customer Name”.  A screen will appear with a keyboard and you simply type in the customer’s name and this will show on the top of the order receipt. 

Modifiers:  “Forced” modifiers are the buttons that are pre-set with menu items.  There are 7 layers of sub-level items that can be customized and modified.  To modify the existing order, the order receipt is on the right side of the screen.  Click on “Modifiers” and the items from the receipt will be able to be toggled between.  Click on the item to be modified and then on the button corresponding with the modification you are applying, i.e. “No..”, “Light…”, “Extra…”, “Exchange…”, etc. 

Miscellaneous Key:  The “Misc.” button is on the menu screen at the bottom of the screen in the same area where the “Void”, “Hold”, “Split” keys are located.  The “Misc.” button gives you the flexibility to access features within the software that may be more permanent features that you can add or have as fixtures on other screens, such as “Retail Screen”, “Change Server”, “Customer Lookup”, etc.  This would be helpful if you had multiple areas such as Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive Thru, and Retail.  If there is no room on your system to assign a specific screen, the “Misc.” button can take you to those areas.   To go back to your previous screen, tap “Touch Screen” and you will go back to the previous menu screen.




Customer Information:  To enter a delivery order, tap on “Delivery” on your main screen and enter your login.  You will then see a screen that prompts you to enter the customer phone number.  A screen will then come up with the customer’s demographics, i.e. name and address as well as an area to enter delivery remarks for the delivery person.  There will also be an area on the screen that gives information such as “Customer Since Date”, “Total Orders”, “Total Spent”, “Average Order”, “Last Order Date”, and “Last Order Amount”.  You can tap on “Order History” to see what the customer has purchased and you can duplicate one of those orders by tapping on the order and click on the “Duplicate This” button.  To create a new customer, you click on “Delivery”, login, and the phone number screen will appear on the screen.  You are able to have a particular area code set on the screen through “Store Settings” on the “General” tab.  Enter the customer phone number and if that customer is not in your system, a blank customer information screen will come up that information can be entered. 

Navigation:  Streets And Trips software integrated on the system will just show a radius or map of where the customer’s address is. MapPoint 2004 is able to be integrated into your system and that will enable you to print out directions for your drivers and if you have GPS enabled on each car, you are able to monitor how fast the driver is going, how far away they are, and be able to pinpoint their exact location.  On the customer page, tap on “See Map” next to their address and that is where the integrated Streets and Trips or MapPoint 2004 software will allow you to get directions and/or check “Delivery Status”.

Pizza Builder:  You tap on “Pizza” on your menu screen.  A screen will come up that will have some “forced modifiers”, such as pizza size, etc.  This can be programmed based on your needs where you can create all of the forced modifications.  You are able to choose a crust type as well as have all of your available ingredients to choose from. 


Delivery Orders:  To create a delivery order, tap “Delivery” on your main screen, login, and enter customer phone number to get to the customer screen.  Once in the customer screen, click on “Finish” and you will be taken to the menu screen.  Create the order and then click “Done”.  The order ticket will be on the right side of the screen.  To send to the kitchen, click “Done” and a ticket will print.  To assign a driver for your delivery, on your main screen, click on “Driver”, login, click on “Departure”.  All of your delivery orders will appear on the screen.  Tap the order the particular driver will take and click on “Departure”.  To check the status of the driver, click on “Delivery Status” and you will see a screen that will have a list of all drivers out on delivery, along with their name, time of departure, Time/Store, and Time/Trip.  For a driver to check back in, they click on “Driver”, login, and click on the “Arrival” button.  A window will appear asking if your assigned delivery orders are to be marked as arrived, tap “Yes” or “No”.  To settle the delivery order, click on “Settle”, login, and a screen will appear with all of your deliveries.  Click on the order to be settled, click on the method of payment, and close out the sale.