Basic Functions for Cashiers Continued



Select the “Operations” button at the top right of the screen to find a previous invoice, a suspended transaction in progress, or pull up a previously suspended transaction to edit or complete.  Other options are “Internal Use”, “Paid Out”, “Lay-Away”, “Cash Drawer” and “Drawer Counts”, “Receive On Account”, “Quotes”, “Packing And Pick List”, “Work Orders”, and create an alternate “Ship To” address.



Select the “Exceptions” button at the top right of the screen to make changes to your transaction before completing.  The exceptions are grouped by sale and by item.  Depending on which option you select will determine if you apply the exception to the entire transaction or to the item you have highlighted.  Examples of these are cancelling, returns, discounts, and tax override.  You can use the up/down arrows to select the individual item. 

Open Department


Select the “Open Department” button at the top of the screen on the right side to sell items that are not in the inventory data base.  Select the department of the item you are selling from the department list.  You then enter the price of the item you are selling.  You can also enter a description, tax rate, and cost of the item.  There is also an option to add the item to stock. 

Price Check


Check the “Price Check” item before adding it to the transaction.  Enter the item by scanning the barcode, keying in the part number, or selecting the “Item” button to search for the item.  This will add the item to the screen and show you current quantity on-hand, description, and price of the item.  It will also display if there is a promotion or quantity pricing attached to the item.  Then, select either “Yes” or “No” if you would like to add the item to the transaction.


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