Basic Functions for Cashiers

Customer Lookup


For customer lookup, select the “Customer” button and the name list will appear.  Some of the headings on this screen have a Function key associated with them.  You can either click on the heading or use the Function key to select it, i.e. F4 (Last Name).  This will highlight the column for you to search.  You can also set the default lookup and configuration under “Station Settings”.  When you select the heading, that particular column will instantly sort and when you start typing the name, the list will get closer to the name you are searching for with each key stroke.  Highlight the name by clicking on it or using the up/down arrows on the right side of the screen.  Once you have found the name you are searching for, select the F10 “Accept” button to add it to the sale, or the Escape button to go back to the POS screen without adding the name to the sale.  You can also give more details for your search by selecting the “View Details” button. 


Other Tender Types


You can record a check number and amount of each check.  The “Tender Detail” report lists each check, the amount, and the transaction number.  Credit cards are processed in Mercury Payment system, or by the system you have selected that is integrated with CAP.  If you are using a stand-alone terminal, just enter the first digit of the card number.  If you are using an integrated system, such as Mercury, then swipe the card through the magnetic stripe reader.

On Account


The “On Account” tender will only appear as an option when a name is selected at the POS.  Use this tender type when you want to charge the amount to the customer’s account.  The balance due for this invoice will appear, along with the customer’s account balance and total balance.  The reference defaults to the customer’s A/R code can be changed by selecting the “Reference” F4 button.  For example, this could be the name of the person charging to the account.  Select the “Accept” F10 key to complete the invoice. 

Reprint Receipt


The easiest and fastest way to reprint a receipt is to select the “Reprint” F9 button on the POS screen after you complete the sale.  This will reprint the last sale you completed.  The button changes from “Remarks” to “Reprint” every time you complete a sale.  Once you start another sale, the button will change back from “Reprint” to “Remarks”.  Remarks can be added to an individual receipt by selecting the “Remarks” F9 button.  You can select from 9 different pre-set remarks or create a custom remark by typing it in the blank text box displayed.  A store-wide remark can also be entered in “Configuration” under “Invoice And Receipts”.  That remark will display on all receipts at every station.  An example of this would be your return policy. 


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