POS System Configuration

Unboxing Your POS Terminal


Every package that goes out gets shipped with custom foam packaging to protect your equipment during transit.  One box contains your main Point Of Sale machine.  A Quick Start Guide will be on the screen with protective plastic covering the screen.  The Quick Start Guide has important information as well as phone numbers for Customer Care or Technical Support.  Your user names are located on the back side.  The power cord for the monitor is tucked underneath the base. 


Scanner Configuration


Another piece of equipment in the box will be your bar code scanner with a USB cable.  Simply plug the cable into the scanner and then using your Quick Start Guide, plug the USB portion of the cable into the bottom left USB port at the bottom of the monitor.  Once the monitor is turned on, it will run through a device setup, it will then beep, and then the light will go on and the scanner ready for use.


Receipt Printer Configuration


Next in the box is a keyboard and a customer care pack, which has a catalog with all of our equipment and a 7’ Ethernet cable.  There will also be a thermal receipt printer pre-loaded with thermal receipt paper.  Inside this package will be a USB 2.0 cable and the power cable.  The power cable will plug into the DCV output area on the back of the printer.  The USB cable will also plug into the back of the printer and the other end into the upper left USB port at the bottom of the monitor. Once everything is plugged in, turn on the power button on the back of the printer and it will start up.  Only the “Power” light should be on at the front of the printer.  The “Error” and “Paper” light should both be off. 


Cash Drawer Configuration


Your standard 16” cash drawer will be next in the box.  On the back of the cash drawer, there will be cash drawer keys and on the bottom of the drawer near the back, the cash drawer cable will be plugged into it.  The cash drawer will be plugged into your receipt printer so it will be able to pop the drawer open.  You are now ready to power up your POS system.


Customer Pole Display Configuration


An additional item you may receive with your system is a customer display.  This will be fully assembled and will have a USB plug and a power cable.  The USB cable will be plugged directly into the upper right USB port on your monitor as per the Quick Start Guide.  Plug the power supply into the pole display and you are ready to power up your system.