Menu Programming

Menu Introduction


On the “Cashier’s Screen” in the upper left corner, there are buttons used for “departments” in the Restaurant Pro Express software.  This is to separate your groups of menu items, i.e. drinks, coffees, sandwiches, etc.  These are created for you during the menu programming process and these will allow you to segregate the items into different departments.  On the right side of the screen is the white invoice section which will show items that are being rung up in the middle of an order.  To start your “Shift” in order to start taking orders, click on the “Start/End Shift” quick button in the lower left corner of the screen.  This is going to allow us to enter a starting drawer amount.  Enter in the number of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and then the number of each bill in the drawer, $5, $10, $20, etc.  Click “OK” and a box will come onto the screen asking “Are you sure you are done counting”?  Click on “Yes” and you will see a message on the screen “This Shift Is Now Open”; click “OK”.  The up and down arrows on the screen just beneath the invoice enable you to scroll up and down the invoice if more items are entered that you cannot see on the screen.  There are also up/down buttons (Blue) on the left side of the screen that can be used to scroll through your department buttons if you are unable to see them on the screen.  The pink buttons in the lower middle of the screen enable you to scroll through the items listed in the particular department you are looking in. 


Creating Standard Menu Items


To create menu items, we first need to create Departments.  To do this, on the main Back Office screen, click “Manager”, this will bring up the Back Office control panel, then click “Administrative”, and then “Department Maintenance”.  On the “Department Maintenance” screen, click on the “Add Department” button where we will be prompted to add a “Department ID” and “Department Description”. The department ID is typically an abbreviated form with an 8-character limit while the Department Description can be a longer description and all alpha-numeric characters.  Click on “Save” and you will be asked if you would like to add another department and unless you have another to add, click “No”.  If you want to see what departments you have created in your system, click on the “Lookup” button on the bottom left of the setup screen and you will see a list of your current departments.  To edit any of these, simply click on the department name and then click on “Select”.  When you are finished adding departments, click “Exit” and you will be taken back to the control panel screen. 

To create your actual item, click on “Administrative” and then “Inventory Maintenance”.  Once you are on the inventory maintenance screen, you are able to scroll through and see what items you have programmed into the system by clicking on the “Previous” and “Next” buttons on the lower left corner of the window.  To add the item, click on “Add Item” button on the bottom of the window.  You will be asked to select the type of item you would like to add, a “Standard Item”, “Choice Item”, “Modifier Group”, “Coupon”, or “Combo”.  Select the “Department For The Item” from the drop-down box, then enter the “Item Number” or name that should be limited to approximately 14 characters.  The “Description” can be longer, approximately 32 characters can be entered; for both of these also, they are to be only alpha-numeric with no special characters.  Enter in the price for the item; Tax 1 will always be checked by default.  If you have other taxes that are relevant to your business, you are able to check those boxes as well.  If this particular item is one you will be selling as a menu item, you will need to attach this item to a printer so that when this item is rung up, it will fire off to a remote printer or a kitchen display monitor for preparation.  To do this, while still in the “Inventory Maintenance” screen, click on the “Printers” tab in the middle of the screen.  You will then select the printer that you want this item attached to, i.e. “Kitchen 1”, “Kitchen 2”, etc.  Setting these up will be covered in another training session.  When this item has been added, click “Save”.  Answer “Yes” or “No” whether you would like to add another item.  Click “Exit” x2 to get back to the main screen.  When items or departments are added, in order to get the system to update, you will need to exit out of the software back to the main login screen and re-login.  Once you log back in, your department button will be on the main screen and when you click on that department, any and all items entered into that department will be displayed. 

Creating Optional Modifiers


If you have a particular item on your menu, such as coffee and you want to add another item to select with that, such as a flavor shot, you will need to create that second item and add it to your original item.  To do this, click on “Administrative” and then “Inventory Maintenance”.  Select the department, “Modifier”, and then click on “Add Item” and click on what type of item you are adding, “Standard”, “Choice”, etc.  because this is a modifier item, make sure to check the box “Modifier Item” on the add-item screen.  Enter the price for the modifier item if there is an additional price for it.  Click “Save”. If there are multiple modifiers that the cashier can select for a particular menu item, you can create a “Modifier Group” to add these.  Click on “Add” and select “Modifier Groups” department from the drop-down box and enter the name of the group in the “Item Number” field, such as “Latteflavor” (no spaces) and then in the “Description” field, enter the longer description.  In the “Prompt” field, you can enter something like (in this particular example) “Please pick a flavor” which will let the cashier know to pick a flavor(s) for the flavor shot.  When this has been created, you will need to add the modifiers for this group, so click on “Add Modifier” (there is a separate training video for creating modifiers and modifier groups) and then click on the modifier buttons that you are adding to this group and click “Select”.  These will then take you back to the modifier group screen and these modifiers will populate on the screen on the “Modifiers Groups” screen and then click “Save”.  To add this group to the standard menu item “Latte”, on the same screen, click “Look Up” and go the appropriate group the item is in, locate the item and click on it and then click “Select”.  You will be taken to the “Inventory Maintenance” screen for that item.  Click on the “Modifiers” tab and any modifiers attached to that item, i.e. size, etc., will show on the screen.  Click the “Add Modifier Group” button and click on the modifier group name button you are adding to the item and then click “Select”.  You will be asked if you are going to charge for this group and you will select the appropriate response.  If this particular “Extra” item is not something that the customer HAS to pick for this menu item, uncheck the “Forced” box on the screen and this will allow the cashier to exit out of this selection screen by clicking “None” without having to pick one of them when ringing in the original standard item.  When these parameters are completed, click “Save”.

Creating Forced Modifiers


To create modifiers and modifier groups, go to the Back Office control panel screen by clicking on “Manager” on the main screen.  Then click on “Administrative” and the “Department Maintenance”.  On the next screen, click “Add Department” and in the “Department ID” field, enter “Modifier” (follow the same procedures for “Modifier Groups”).  Click “Save” and then on the main Back Office control panel screen, click on “Inventory Maintenance”.  Click on “Add Item” and again you will be prompted to click on the type of item you would like to add, “Standard”, “Choice”, “Modifier Group”, etc.  To create a modifier, you start the same way as you would a standard item, so click “Standard Item” and then select “Modifier” in the “Department for the Item” field.  Name the modifier in the “Item Number” field (such as a drink size) and enter a longer description in the “Description” field.  Enter a price in the “Price You Charge” field and make sure the “Modifier Item” box is checked.  Click “Save” to finish.  If you have another item to add (such as a different drink size) you can click on the “Duplicate Last” button on the screen asking if you would like to add another item.  The same parameters will remain on the screen and you are able to change the short “Item Number” name and “Description”.  Do not forget to make any changes to the price you charge for this particular item.  When finished, click “Save” and then “No” when asked if you would like to add another item.

Because these modifiers cannot be attached directly to the item, you now need to create a “container” of those modifiers called a “Modifier Group” and that “container” can be attached to the standard item.  To create a modifier group, on the “Inventory Maintenance” screen, click “Add” and then select the “Modifier Group” button.  In the “Department for the Item” field, select “Modifier Group” from the drop-down box and then give the group a short name in the “Item Number” field; you can enter a longer description in the “Description” field.  In the “Prompt” field, you can enter a short message that will tell the cashier what this selection process is about.  Click on “Add Modifier” and you will be able to click on the appropriate modifiers that you are adding to this particular group, then click “Select”.  To reposition the modifiers depending on how you want them to show on the screen, you can click on the modifier you want to move and then click the up or down arrow button above the modifier list to change its position on the screen and how it will appear on the main screen for the cashier.  When finished, click “Save”.  To then attach this modifier group to the standard item, click on “Lookup” and you are able to search by “Category”, “Department”, or “Vendor”.  There is also a field that gives you the option of entering either partial text or a whole word to search.  Locate the item, click on it to highlight it, and then click “Select”.  Click on the “Modifiers” tab on the item screen and then click on the “Add Modifier Group” option.  The modifier groups will then show on the screen and you will click on the modifier button(s) to be added to this standard item.  Click “Yes” or “No” when asked if you would like to charge for items in this group.  A “Forced Modifier” means that the cashier cannot bypass this screen and move on when entering this standard item on an order, they have to make a selection.  In this case, the “Forced” box will be checked.  Once all of your parameters are set, click “Save”.

Creating Choice Items


Instead of containing modifiers, a “Choice Item” will actually contain a group of standard items.  To create a “Choice Item”, go to “Manager” on your main screen and then click on “Administrative” and then “Inventory Maintenance”.  Click on “Add Item” and then “Standard” for item type.  Select a “Department For The Item” from the drop-down box, enter a short name in the “Item Number” field and a longer description in the “Description” field.  Enter the “Price You Charge” in the appropriate field.  Duplicate the item as many times as necessary to create multiple items for this particular “Choice Item”.  When all of these standard items have been created, click “Save”.  To create a “Choice Item”, go to the “Inventory Maintenance” screen and click on “Add Item”.  For “What type of item would you like to add”, click “Choice Item”.  On the next screen, from the drop-down box in the “Department For This Item”, click on the department you are adding this choice item to.  Enter in a short description in the “Item Number” field and a longer description in the “Description” field.  In the “Prompt” field, enter any information to help the cashier with this selection.  To add the standard items to this “Choice Item”, select “Add Item”.  Search for the items, click on each and then “Select”.  These items will then be added.  When all items have been added, click “Save”. 


Creating Combos


First thing you would do is create a “Combo” department.  On your main screen, click on the “Manager” tab to bring up your Back Office control panel screen.  Click on “Administrative” and then “Department Maintenance”.  Click “Add” and then in the “Department ID” field, enter a short description “Combos” and in the “Department Description” field, enter “Combo Meals” and then click “Save”.  Go then to “Inventory Maintenance” and click on “Add”.  On the “What type of item would you like to add?” click on “Combo”.  In the “Department for the Item” click on “Combo Meals” in the drop-down box.  Name the combo in the “Item Number” field (in this example, latte and bagel) and enter a description in the “Description” field. In the field “Override Price” enter the total price you will charge for this specific combo.  Click on “Add Item” under the “Item” tab and then search for one of the items to be added to this particular combo and click “Select”; follow this procedure for each item to be added to the combo.  You are also able to select a “Choice Item” to be a part of this combo, giving the customer the ability to select the (bagel) flavor to go with their latte.  You will need to assign this particular item to a printer by clicking on the “Printer” tab.  If you have entered a special price or “Override Price” for this combo, be sure to click on the “Use Override Price” button so the system will not populate the full price of each individual item on the invoice.  When your items have been selected for the particular combo, click “Save”.  You will have to log out of the system and then log back in to see the new Department button on the main screen.