Other Features

Quick Keys Introduction


On the lower left corner of your cashier’s screen, there are 3 buttons that are already built into the system:  “Start/End Shift”, “No Sale”, and “Print Last Receipt”.  These are known as Quick Buttons or Quick Keys and they allow us to assign different functions or items that we sell to the keys.  Some of these buttons are tied to security permissions and not completely wide open for anyone to use. 


Adding Quick Keys


This feature allows you to add modifiers into the system which will be using the Quick Keys on the bottom of the screen to call up on the screen at any time no matter which department you are in up on the main selection screen.  To add these modifiers, on your main Back Office screen, click on “Manager” at the top right side of the screen, “Administrative”, and then “Inventory Maintenance”.  Click “Add Item” and you will be asked what type of item you would like to add.  Click on “Standard” if you are adding an item (such as whipped cream that could be used on different menu items).  Make sure that “Department For The Item” field at the top of the screen says “Modifier” and that the “Modifier Item” box in the middle of the screen is checked.  Enter an item number, which can be a one-word description, and in the “Description” field enter a more detailed description.  If you will charge for this item, enter that amount in the “Price You Charge” field.  Click “Save” and this item has been added.  In order to get this item to show up on your “Quick Key” screen, you will need to go into a different section from the main Back Office screen.  Click on the green “Setup” button and then “Touch Screen Configuration”.  You will be taken to a screen that will have empty “Quick Keys” at the bottom that you can program in.  In order to get the modifier just created attached to a “Quick Key” that can be rung up from the main screen, from the drop-down box below the empty quick keys, scroll to and select “Fixed Item”.  Enter in the item name or number created as above (Make sure this is keyed in EXACTLY as it is on the item record screen).  In the “Caption” field, enter in what you want the Quick Key to say and check the “Display This Button” box and click “Save & Exit”.  If you want to add a “Quick Key” to only one particular station, at the top of this screen, click on “Options” and select “Configure This Station Individually”.  Once you exit back to the main screen, your “Quick Key” button will not be on the screen until you log off and then log back into the system.  The “Quick Key” will then be on the bottom of your screen.

Touchscreen Configuration


You have the ability to go into the “Touchscreen Configuration” screen and disable any of the “Department” buttons from showing up on the main screen.  On your main Back Office screen, click on “Manager”, “Administrative”, and then “Touchscreen Configuration” button.  Click on the “Items & Departments” tab where you are able to modify the position of the department buttons on the main screen, whether they are shown or hidden on the main screen, as well as color schemes.  To move department button position, click on the button and then use the “Up” or “Down” buttons to move that button name.  To hide specific buttons from the main screen, click on the button to hide and then on the bottom of the screen, uncheck the “Display Department on Touch Screen” box.  These buttons will still be available from the back-end management side if you need to add items or modifiers to those departments.  You are also able to follow these same steps for “Items In Department” on the right side of the screen.  Highlight the item and then tap on the “Up” or “Down” keys to move them and uncheck the “Display Item on Touch Screen” box.  Again, these changes are not going to take effect until you exit the system and log back in.