Getting Started


On your main screen in the lower right corner, there are the “Lookup Customer”, “Edits”, “Checks”, “Send”, and “Pay” buttons.  When you click on the “Edits” button, it will bring you back to a quick interface panel of sorts that allows the cashier to perform several routine functions, such as “Void”, “Comp”, “Discount”, “Apply Gratuity”, “Re-Send To Kitchen”, and others.  When you are finished using the functions on this screen, the screen will close on its own.  There is also a “Close” button that you can select to go back to the previous screen. 

For “Send”, “Check” and “Pay”, this is set up for you to be able to ring up items for transaction and you are not going to take money from the customer yet, you can ring those items up and then click “Send”.  This will put the transaction on hold and you will then be prompted to enter an “On-Hold ID” and once that is done, click on “Enter” and the order will be put on hold but a kitchen ticket will be printed.  To take payment for the order “On Hold”, click on “Edits”, then “Options”, which will bring up the main control panel for the software and click on “Recall On-Hold Invoice”.  A list of all On-Hold Invoices will then populate on the screen.  Highlight your invoice and click “Select” and your invoice will appear on the screen and show with a symbol to the left of the items on the invoice that a kitchen ticket has been “fired off” and sent.  Just click on “Pay” and you are able to take the payment from the customer.  The “Check” button is for use when you put an order in to the kitchen for a table customer and “On Hold” for their payment.  This gives you the ability to add more orders to their order and also to print a receipt check to leave at their table. For payment, you will follow the same steps as above to recall the On-Hold Invoice.


Login Introduction


To login to the software, on your main screen, it will say, “Please enter your ID or swipe your card”.  If you have a card reader programmed, you can do that.  Most of the time on your first login to the software, you will need your ID which has already been designated for you in the Quick Start Guide.  Key in your user ID and press “Enter”.  Then you will be prompted to enter your password and then press “Enter” again.  This will take you into the main screen, called the “Cashier’s Screen” on Restaurant Pro Express and all of the information for daily use is on this screen.  On the top right of the screen, is the “Specs” area, which tells you who is logged in, what time it is, what tables are theirs, etc.  It is important that you are able to see who is logged in which will help with security and for accountability. 


Clock In/Out


To clock in or out, click on the clock icon in the lower right corner of your main screen.  A box will appear on the screen prompting you to enter first your password and THEN your cashier ID.  If you do not have a keyboard available, you can click on “Keyboard” and one will come up on the screen.  Enter your password and ID and then click on “OK”.  You will then see a box on the screen for you to “Clock In” or “Clock Out”, “Leave For Break”, or “Back From Break”.  There is also an “Emergency Clockout” button.  Click on the appropriate button.