Sarah Fitch, Mount Pleasant Seafood manager, was operating her family-owned market with an outdated point of sale system. It did its job, but she came to POS Nation ready for an upgrade and more integrated features.

Point of Sale Features for Specialty Markets

Instead of spending hours counting what’s in stock and keeping track on paper, Sarah can now manage inventory with her new POS system. Her vendors are all in one place, making orders easier than ever. After receiving a shipment, Sarah can update her product count in the system and both of her registers will be up-to-date.

If you own or operate a grocery store or specialty market, you know how important inventory tracking and purchase orders are. That’s why Sarah is excited to ditch the pen and paper methods and upgrade to something more efficient!

How Can a POS System Grow my Business?

Want to learn more about how our full point of sale solution will help Mount Pleasant Seafood streamline their business operations? Check out the video below!

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