Cloud Retail POS Software

We recommend Epos Now for retailers and small business owners seeking a cloud-based POS software. Designed for a single store or a multi-location business, our cloud POS software allows user to run their business from anywhere. Access reports from on the go and always know how your business is performing.

Inventory Tracking

Take Complete Control of Your Inventory

Whether you’re in the store, or out on vacation, our POS software allows you to always have complete control of your product pricing and quantity levels. Use our cloud retail POS system to easily keep track of all your products on hand. From creating individual items to uploading a bulk list of all your goods, efficiently manage your current inventory within your system. Classify each product based on dozens of attributes including UPC codes, vendor numbers, departments, size, color, category, weight, and more. Incorporate price levels with your inventory to offer veterans, employees, or certain segments of your customer base standard discounts.

Maintain constant visibility of your inventory levels with our cloud retail POS software. Don't wait for the monthly inventory count to calculate your margins — and while you're at it, stop paying employees overtime to complete your monthly count. We'll import your initial inventory count when you start using the system, and with integrated purchase orders, you'll always have an accurate count. Quickly make updates to the inventory when products are damaged or stock levels need adjusting. Ultimately, there's no easier way to free up cash for your business than by optimizing your inventory.

Create extra incentives for your customers by running promotional pricing on specific inventory items, bundled products, or departments. Assigning automatic sales pricing eliminates cashier errors and ensures your customers are always paying the correct price. And with different price levels, each product can have multiple prices depending on the particular customer. This is a great feature for businesses that need more than a simple 5% discount that applies to everything in the store.

Reporting & Analytics 

Data at Your Fingertips

Wish you could see the status of your business in one place, at any time, from anywhere? With our customizable dashboard, you can now get an instant overview of how your business is performing from your home computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easily create reports on sales and tax reports for your accountant. Complete your month-end inventory with a single click. Run hours and payroll for your employees in seconds. Bottom line — save time!

Don't spend hours searching deep inside your reports to find out which products are driving your sales. Simply run reports based on sales and profitability to identify which products are top performers. Then, create complementary promotions for individual items that are underperforming with those top performers to boost performance.

It's shocking how many small businesses face cash constraints because of the increase in their accounts receivable. Gain immediate access to all your outstanding receivables to prevent overdue accounts from accumulating.

Employee Management

Track Employee Hours and Payroll

Easily keep track of your employees' hours by using our cloud POS system. At the beginning and end of each employee's shift, they can easily clock in and out through your POS system's front till. At the end of each pay period, simply run reports by employee to see how many hours have been logged. Set your entire staff's schedule weeks in advance so you know who's supposed to be working and when.

Assign each employee a specific job (e.g., owner, manager, cashier) and certain permissions appropriate for their role. No longer worry about employees making unnecessary errors our messing with sensitive information — simply assign job permissions and you're all set. Permission for each role can easily be customized and assigned to multiple employees in each group.

Generate Purchase Orders

Stop Taking Monthly Inventory Counts

Streamline your reordering process by managing your vendors and purchase orders within our Cloud POS Software. No more second guessing on your inventory — match specific inventory products with their respective vendors so your purchase orders are sent to the right suppliers.

Reduce unnecessary paperwork by automatically emailing purchase orders.  Your time can be better spent than endlessly calling your supplier for purchases! Once a purchase order is received, the POS system automatically replenishes the product ordered back into your inventory.

Custom Barcode Printing

Easily Ring Up Non-Barcoded Products

Easily create your own barcodes to make sure that all your products can be rung up accurately. More and more retailers are selling custom products and locally made products that lack traditional preprinted barcodes. Avoid having to search through your POS system to ring up these items — or even worse, having cashiers guess at the price — with custom printed barcodes.

Our cloud retail POS software comes with predesigned templates for printing barcodes. You can transfer information such as product name, price, and UPC code automatically to your barcodes. For those difficult items, our advanced barcode printing module can design barcodes and labels for even the most difficult shaped items or those that have damaged or missing tags.

Cloud Reporting

Access Your Business From Any Device

Access real-time data anywhere to get an instant overview of how your business is doing. Far and away our favorite feature of the software, cloud reporting will allow you to keep an eye on your business without having to physically be on site. Take a vacation and actually relax with the comfort that your business is running just fine.

Efficiently manage your inventory like a “Big Box” retailer, no matter where you are. Access your business on the move so you can quickly turnover inventory and reduce tying up working capital. Whether you have one location or 10, easily manage all your locations from one centralized dashboard. Track sales and inventory by location to see how each store is performing.

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Want to Learn More? Call Us at (877) 727-3548

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