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We recommend Cash Register Express (CRE) for retailers and small business owners. Our retail POS software is a great fit if you're looking for an easy-to-use, incredibly intuitive, and powerful software to manage a single store or multi-location business. Read more to see if CRE is the best POS software for your business.

Inventory Management

Unequaled Inventory Control Features

Our POS software allows you to maintain product pricing and quantity levels in one place. Track inventory by department and category in your POS system and set automatic alerts for when your product runs low. Easily add new items to the software to keep your inventory up to date. Read more on inventory management.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain the Insight You Need to Run Your Business

CRE contains robust reporting tools. With our retail POS software, start making decisions based on data instead of on a hunch. Determine your top selling items and departments and know what products are driving your bottom line. Easily run hourly, daily, or monthly reports. Read more on reporting.

Employee Management

Track Employees Through Your POS System

With CRE, track employee time and attendance within your POS software and run payroll with a few clicks. With job-based permissions, manage what your employees can do at the POS system based on their role. Exception reports allow you to see what employees gave discounts and voids. Keep tabs on your business even from home, and with employee-level reporting, know who your top performers are in the company. Read more on employee management.

Generate Purchase Orders

Stop With the Monthly Inventory Counts

With our retail software, manage your vendors within your POS. When reorder points are hit, automatically generate purchase orders to replenish your stock to preset levels. Receive inventory with a single click and watch your count update immediately in your point of sale. View open purchase orders and never lose track of your purchases. Read more on purchase orders.

Custom Barcode Printing

Print Barcodes and Labels

With Cash Register Express, print your own custom barcodes and labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. When product is received, print barcodes for each item with a single click. Improve checkout speed and accuracy by barcoding your products. Read more on barcode printing.

Customer Loyalty

Build Your Repeat Business Through Customer Loyalty

Our retail POS software also functions as customer relationship management software (CRM). Seamlessly run customer loyalty plans to motivate repeat business. Track purchases as your customers accumulate points, and when program benchmarks are met, automatically offer customer rewards. Customize your loyalty plan to work with your business. Offer percent or dollar discounts and turn your customers into your biggest advocates. Read more on customer loyalty.

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Want to Learn More? Call Us at (877) 727-3548

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